Kay Sibia

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Kay Sibia

General Insurance Adviser

Something not everyone knows about me...

“I rarely say no to something sweet. I have a huge sweet tooth.”

Personal Information: I have worked in the financial services industry for several years. For the past 6 years I have worked as a general insurance advisor. I love helping clients and putting their needs first. Prior to that I worked for a home improvements company for 10 years. I’m always motivated to do well.

If I won the Euromillions lottery I would: Buy a few properties and travel around the world. I would also help family and give to charity.

First full time job: Telesales for a window company.

I love my job because: I get great job satisfaction and I love helping clients.


Chocolate, designer handbags, spending time with family and friends.


Mornings, rollercoasters and politics.

Favourite Destination

Would love to go to Dubai to explore the architecture and shopping.

Favourite Food

I love eating pizza

Ultimate dinner party guests

The Queen, my Grandparents, Dwayne Johnson and my husband.

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