Leah Patience

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Leah Patience

Leah Patience

Broker PA

Something not everyone knows about me...

I have Trypophobia- I hate holes it makes my skin crawl.

Location: The Mortgage Broker (St Neots) Ltd

Personal information: Hi I am Leah. I have lived in this area all my life. I went to Hinchingbrooke School and went on to Cambridge Regional College to study Business. I loved studying Business!

If I won the Euro millions I would: buy my dream house, travel around the world, spoil myself, family and friends and finally not forgetting to give some to charity.

First full time job: Working at Tesco’s

Why I love my job: I enjoy helping others and interacting to different people. Each day is different, so you never find yourself doing the same thing it keeps it all interesting and fun!



Travelling, going out to different restaurants and bars, going to Raves and festivals and overall spending time with my friends!


Loud eaters is my biggest pet hate. I also am petrified of Rats and Mice.

Favourite Destination

Anywhere in Italy; The country is so pretty, there is so much to explore. I also love their food!

Favourite Food

I love most food but either a Chinese, Pasta or Fajitas.


Leah Patience

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