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Caroline Bignell

Caroline Bignell

Mortgage and Protection Adviser

Something not everyone knows about me...

“I worked as a croupier on the cruise ships. ”

Personal Information: I am married with 2 wonderful sons. They all love Formula 1 so much that I don’t have a choice but to love it too.

If I won the Euro millions lottery: Go an a world cruise while I contemplate what to do with my Millions.

First Full time job: My 1st full time job was production planning clerk for a coat company.

I love my job because: I make dreams come true.


I love our campervan. Weekend getaways from fishing to skate parks wherever our mood takes us.


When people give you directions and end up saying “you can’t miss it” because chances are, I will miss it.

Favourite Destination

Vancouver Canada, we very nearly emigrated there but decided it was too far away from family.

Favourite Food

The best thing to eat for me is the humble Sunday roast with extra Yorkshire puds!

Ultimate dinner party guests

The cast of Friends.

Caroline Bignell
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