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Clive Ringrose

Clive Ringrose

Mortgage Adviser

Something not everyone knows about me...

“I do a good gorilla impression!”

Location: The Mortgage Broker (London) Ltd

Personal Information: I have worked for The Mortgage Broker now for 15 years but have been in the financial services industry for 20 years, during this period I have seen many market and lender changes but as a whole of market broker I feel fully equipped & experienced to offer a professional and slick service to all of my clients. I started my career in electronics but due to limited opportunities changed to financial service in 1999 as a financial advisor before joining TMB in 2004. My career highlight would be accepting an award from Sir Geoff Hurst in 2010 for The Mortgage Broker Ltd for ‘Broker of the year’.

If I won the Euromillions lottery I would: start my own supercar garage selling elite vehicles to a premium market!

First full time job: Hod carrier.

I love my job because: We deal with such a wide range of clients that I could never be bored!


Spurs, Elvis, cycling and fast cars/bikes


Milky tea

Favourite Destination

Scotland & Hunstanton

Favourite Food

21 day old rib eye

Ultimate dinner party guests

Elvis, Barry Sheene, Jimmy Greaves and my late father.

Clive Ringrose
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