Elaine Swinney

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Elaine Swinney

Elaine Swinney

Customer Experience Team

Something not everyone knows about me...

“I used to escape from school when I was 5yrs old – as they could never catch me, this only stopped when they gave me a little job to do in the break periods… fetching the biscuit tin & helping with giving out bottles of milk!”

Personal Information: I’ve always liked to achieve anything against all odds! I’ve worked in financial services for many years now and although from the North East (a Mackem Lass :)), I’ve worked in London, Guernsey and have now settled in beautiful St Neots. I have one fabulous son who was a delight to rear and I feel very proud of his success in life & career, having brought him up as a single parent !

If I won the Euromillions lottery I would: Bask in the sun, Ski every winter & shop in Milan! If it were a huge amount of millions, I would open an orphanage.

First full time job: Travel agent.

I love my job because: I like being part of a team – and work with a fantastic one!


Dancing, travelling – would love to learn to play the drums.



Favourite Destination

Hong Kong – loved the atmosphere, foot massage, food and the clicking sound of the traffic lights!

Favourite Food

Chilli, Indian or anything spicy.

Elaine Swinney

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