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Jodi Spreadbur

Jodi Spreadbury

Mortgage and Protection Adviser

Something not everyone knows about me...

I talk in my sleep, and have been known to talk mortgages when sleeping!

Location: The Mortgage Broker (London) Ltd

Personal Information: I love to read, preferably on a beach in the sun, but more often in the pub while the other half watches football. I enjoy world travel, which has been limited over the last 2 years, but has allowed me to see the beautiful places on our doorstep instead. Music is a big passion of mine – I love live music and will be happy at any event with a band. Regular at Glastonbury and other festivals – even in the pouring rain.

If I won the Euromillions lottery I would: Travel the world, buying properties in exotic locations. Build my own home here in the UK. Maybe splash out on a beautiful handbag or 10.

First full time job: The Mortgage Broker Ltd – since 2005!

I love my job because: Over the (many) years I’ve been in this role, there’s always something new to learn. Different clients, challenges and experiences so there’s never a dull day. Whether I’m speaking to a first time buyer, or an experienced buyer, it is still so satisfying to help them achieve their goals and to guide them on their journey 


Books, music, cooking (although not great at it!), meals out with friends, bottomless brunch, sarcasm


Fish, lateness, slow walkers. The Gym – although kinda essential if I want to eat nachos

Favourite Destination

We’ve travelled all over the world, but my fave place is Devon as this is where we got engaged

Favourite Food

Ultimate Nachos – IYKYK

Ultimate dinner party guests

Dave Grohl, The Queen, Quentin Tarantino and JK Rowling.

Jodi Spreadbur
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