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Darren Pescod

Darren Pescod


Something not everyone knows about me...

“At the age of 20 I travelled to South Africa for a short holiday and ended up staying for 10 years. I sang Karaoke for a living in my early 20’s although it doesn’t show on my CV. Other jobs not showing on my CV include bar work, working in a burger van, a children’s entertainer and so much more which has led to an interesting life and learning to deal with a wide variety of people. ”

Location: The Mortgage Broker (St Neots) Ltd

Personal information: Married with 2 girls aged 18 and 16. I have been in the financial arena since 1995 and have owned The Mortgage Broker Ltd since 2005 seeing it grow from a one-man band to the company it is today.

If I won the Euromillions lottery I would: Retire to Thailand and Cape Town after buying a portfolio of properties, own a bar on the beach and not have a worry in the world. I would also enjoy gifting money to friends, family and the deserving based on their needs.

First full time job: Trainee estimator at a carton manufacturer.

I love my job because: I love helping clients and getting the job satisfaction derived from this. I also enjoy building the business and creating a fantastic team and a great environment to work.


Good food, keeping fit and going on holidays.


People who dither, red tape & the dishonesty of politics.

Favourite Destination

Good food, keeping fit and going on holidays.

Favourite Food

People who dither, red tape & the dishonesty of politics.

Ultimate dinner party guests

Joe Rogan, Margot Robbie, Rhianna and Elon Musk.

Darren Pescod
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