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Nasreen Holmes

Nasreen Holmes

Broker Support Manager

Something not everyone knows about me...

“After training with CAMPOL ABC (Cambridgeshire Police Amateur Boxing Club) for two years I almost became a competition level boxer, but failed the medical exam on my extremely poor eyesight (I’m blind as a bat)”

Personal Information: I was raised in a close-knit multicultural family, with food being the epitome of my childhood. I then spent a year back-packing around the world at the age of 21 visiting 12 different countries. Now married and a mother to three boys who all seem to enjoy keeping me on my toes! I’ve worked in the financial / real estate industry for 18 years.

If I won the Euro millions lottery I would: Travel the world again. But this time it would be in style, rather than on a shoestring! (my close friends and family would come along for the ride too of course) …..starting point would be to visit the Seven Wonders of the World

First Full time job: Customer Account Manager at Lloyds TSB

I love my job because: There’s an endless supply of sweets, cake, chocolate biscuits & coffee rounds – who wouldn’t love it here??!!! On a serious note though, I feel extremely lucky to have such a hard working team 🙂 …not only are all my ladies always willing to help each other out, they are honestly some of the hardest workers i’ve ever met and to top it off they are all genuinely lovely people!! *wipes away tear* The constant incoming flow of positive feedback I receive from happy clients on an almost daily basis has to make this by far the most rewarding job I’ve done to date


Watching my kids “play” together, more so when no fights are involved …..baking, keeping fit, reading, holidays and above all laughing until I cry & my cheeks & ribs ache


Cold, grey, rainy mornings… most insects and worst of all bad smells

Favourite Destination

Mauritius… because this is where I got married and have some of my best memories

Favourite Food

I love so many different foods it would be hard to choose – but the first thing I always look at is the dessert menu!

Nasreen Holmes
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