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Raj Jandu

Raj Jandu

The Mortgage Broker (Feltham)

Something not everyone knows about me...

“I used to be the lead singer in a band. We did covers of songs like One, Hound Dog, Hoochie Coochie Man, Redemption Song and many more. We were called Greenfingers when we were 7 and eventually became Deal53 when it went down to 5. Feel free to search for me on a popular music video website. You will see some of my solo numbers too.”

Personal Information: Married with two naughty little boys born in 2014 and 2016. 2018, will see the arrival of baby number 3. Since finishing university, I have been involved in the financial sector for over 10 years now and in mortgages since 2013 within a bank, an estate agent and now with the Mortgage Broker Ltd.

If I won the Euromillions lottery I would: I would buy multiple properties that bring in more income, buy a Ford Mustang Shelby, pay off my families debts and leave them with a bit more for a more comfortable life. Finally, I will buy a bigger house a gym, pool, cinema, games room and a music room so I can get away from the wife and kids (might regret saying that) and make music with my guitars, ukulele, keyboard and my harmonicas.

First full time job: At Barclays Bank as a Personal Banker

I love my job because: When I took out my mortgage, I remember how nervous I was and meeting with a very good mortgage advisor really helped to put me at ease. So now I am on the other side, I take pleasure when my clients say very kind words to me about how I made the process so efficient and seamless for them. That brings a smile to my face.


Watching movies, especially horrors with the lights off, games, music – listening and playing.


Kids not listening, now I know how my parents must have felt.

Favourite Destination

Mauritius, best holiday ever. Was my honeymoon so had to be good! Great country, weather, food and people. Highly recommended.

Favourite Food

Tough one as it changes based on moods but I do like a good Chinese takeaway.

Raj Jandu
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