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Suzy Allen

Suzy Allen

Mortgage Adviser

Something not everyone knows about me...

I am a shoe addict…!

Location: The Mortgage Broker (London) Ltd

Personal Information: A very happy and chatty girl with a massive love for music (and biscuits!) .. couldn’t function without either. The radio is always on in the office and I’m always singing. There is usually a packet of biscuits on my desk, much to the delight of my colleagues. I have worked at TMBL for 9 years, originally as the general insurance adviser and after wanting a new challenge in my career I now enjoy advising on mortgages and have done for the past 5 years!

If I won the Euromillions lottery I would: Invest in some properties, buy my parents their own house and have the most luxurious holiday possible! I’m thinking Bora Bora… 

First full time job: Admin assistant at a local insurance broker 

I love my job because: I really enjoy making people happy! Whether it’s helping families get their dream / forever home, or first time buyers getting on the property ladder, it is such a rewarding feeling knowing you have made an impact on someone’s life.


Holidays, candles and chocolate 


Rude people, people talking with their mouth full and white socks 

Favourite Destination

Rome – beautiful weather, food (& prosecco) and people.

Favourite Food

Homemade lasagne & garlic bread

Ultimate dinner party guests

Alan Carr, Greg James, Adele and Ryan Reynolds.

Suzy Allen
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