Catherine Federer

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Catherine Federer

Catherine Federer

Mortgage Adviser

Something not everyone knows about me...

“I cant watch a series/movie if I haven’t started it from the beginning, I cant continue watching if I miss an episode and if you want to see me grumpy then talk to me during a movie. Oh and I always buy a large popcorn.”

Personal Information: I’m from Durban, South Africa. I’ve lived in England for 3 years with my daughter (10). Yes, we call trousers pants, traffic lights robots and roundabouts traffic circles but no matter the weather, if its not pouring with rain, we’ll be braaing (BBQing)…. Yes, we will even braai in the snow (I have proof if required).

If I won the Euro millions lottery: I’d like to think that I would end up investing some, a portion would be donated to a charity that provides clean water to villages in Africa, help my family in various ways, buy my daughter a horse and everything that goes with it for the future and then I would buy a villa in Cyprus and one in Mauritius and a holiday home in Ireland.

First Full time jobI worked in a chartered surveyors office as a PA.

I love my job because: Each enquiry is unique which makes every day different and sometimes challenging. I love being able to help my clients through the mortgage process ensuring they get the best advice based on their own individual circumstances.


Music, red wine, sunshine and the beach


Inconsiderate drivers, people who talk with food in their mouth, Love Island and Olives

Favourite Destination

Mauritius, not only is the whole island absolutely beautiful with amazing beaches but the people are wonderful, food is delicious and the weather is glorious nearly all year round.

Favourite Food

Steak with mushroom sauce and baked potato OR a delicious seafood pasta

Catherine Federer

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