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Case Study – Returning to the UK and purchasing a property

Customer’s initial enquiry

My client had been living overseas for 9 years and, after 2 months of being back in the UK, he wanted to purchase a property. He contacted The Mortgage Broker for advice as he was concerned about his credit score as he had been out of the UK for so long.

The challenges we faced together

We had to overcome a number of hurdles, the main ones being my client had only been working back in the UK for 2 months before applying for a mortgage and his wife had never had a UK bank account before.

What happened next?

After being back in the UK for only 2 months, my client found a property and I was able to find a lender who accepted 2 months payslips and the mortgage was approved.

How did this help the customer?

I was able to use my expertise to recommend a lender that was willing to consider my clients circumstances at the outset. This meant the customer received a stress free journey to become home owners.

Feedback received from the customer

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Leila for anyone’s mortgage needs.”