Buyer Trends Revealed by IRESS Mortgage Efficiency Survey

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The IRESS Mortgage Efficiency Survey 2014 has revealed some interesting movements in the mortgage market. These have been indicated in an infographic that shows the main trends in the mortgage market over a three-year period from 2012 to 2014. Fewer people are moving home The survey has revealed that the number of people moving home over the past three years has dropped steadily year-on-year. In 2012 the percentage was 37%, and this dropped to 32% in 2013. 2014 appears to indicate it will drop by a further 4% to 28%. The number of people re-mortgaging may stall in 2014 This figure was at 35% of the total in 2012, but by 2013 it had dropped by 7%. It appears to come out at the same level in 2014. Buy-to-let mortgages have fallen back almost to 2012 levels this year Back in 2012 some 19% of mortgages were taken out for buy-to-let properties. This increased significantly to 26% the following year, but the figure for 2014 has been given as 20%, indicating a significant drop back to almost the level seen in 2012. First-time buyers represent a healthier percentage Despite the challenges experienced by those looking to get onto the housing ladder for the first time, the figures are more encouraging for these people in the survey. It found that while first-time buyers made up 17% of the total in 2012 and fell to 15% the following year, they are now contributing to 19% of the total. Less than a quarter of mortgages are being sold to consumers in branches Despite the fact many of us would think about visiting our local branch to find out more about getting a mortgage, this is not the most popular way to apply for one. Indeed more than half of those sold are introduced by intermediaries. This contrasts with 15% that are sold through a phone call. Online sales of mortgages still have some way to go in order to catch up with more encouraging sales in other markets. When it comes to mortgages only 4% are sold over the internet. However there is a more positive outlook for the future in this respect. Some 45% of lenders were already using Twitter and Facebook to reach out to potential customers in 2013, and many others were considering joining them. Twitter proved to be the most popular social media channel in use in 2014, with 50% of lenders who took part in the survey already active in this respect. Some 40% were using Facebook as well. As we can see the survey has revealed some interesting statistics in terms of mortgages, who is applying for them and where they are getting them. It is particularly interesting to compare this information to statistics gathered by the IRESS Mortgage Efficiency Survey in previous years. This helps us determine how various trends are permeating the marketplace. It is interesting to assess which direction these trends will go in during 2015 but we shall have to wait for those figures.