Dealing with a London Mortgage Broker

I recently sat down for dinner with a old friend of mine. We had not seen one another for over three years ever since I got a new job in Scotland, so it was quite refreshing to be able to catch up and have a decent chat over a nice meal. Things have definitely changed since we last met. Not only did she look ten years younger but somehow my friend also found the time to make a career change, adopt a baby boy, and buy a new flat in the city. Yes, you heard right; she bought herself a flat in London last year just when the whole country was facing economic uncertainty and bank lending for mortgages was extremely tight. I asked her how it was possible that she qualified for a loan as a single woman with a new baby when almost everyone I knew was complaining about the lack of credit from UK financial institutions. At first she was bit reluctant to tell me, perhaps since we’d been out of touch for a while, but after a couple glasses of wine she let me in on her little secret. She received valuable assistance from a mortgage broker based in London. So exactly what is a mortgage broker and what assistance do they provide I asked? Well apparently mortgage brokers are highly trained individuals that help prospecting homebuyers get the best financing offers from different lenders. The London mortgage broker she used was able to offer her highly competitive mortgage solutions from a select number of home lending schemes; solutions that she otherwise would not have had access to from conventional banking institutions due to the current economic troubles in UK and on the continent. Not only was the mortgage broker able to obtain better loan rates than she was able to find on her own, they also walked her through the basic understanding of the application process and loan details as well. Additionally her London based mortgage broker provided her advice on how to correct some of the outstanding credit issues that she had so that over time her credit rating can improve. The handy tools that she received helped her identify what her needs were, and what was important for her in a home loan. Overall, she found the whole experience less stressful using a mortgage broker since she had a lot on her plate with her new baby boy and didn’t really have the time to go and arrange meetings with all the different lenders. I felt really lucky that I was able to gain so much new knowledge about purchasing a new flat and that there are specific companies that can help you with the whole financing process. When I finally make the step toward buying my own flat, I will honestly treasure the dinner I had that evening with my friend from London. For more information about the exact services a London mortgage broker can provide you, contact the award winning mortgage broker team. The Mortgage Broker London