Susana Soares

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Susana Soares

Broker PA

Something not everyone knows about me...

I am not a fan of pizza

Personal information: I come from a large family that is scattered all over the world. Whenever I go on holiday, its rare I have to pay for accommodation because the will always be a family member willing to open there homes to myself and whoever I may be travelling with. By FAR one of my favourite things about having a large family!

If I won the Euro millions I would: try be an activist and help as many causes that I was able to. I would love to feel like I made a difference.

First full time job: worked across three departments at a service station.

Why I love my job: I love being able to help people.


FOOD!!! Travelling and being with the people I love.


People without a conscience.

Favourite Destination

New York because of the amount of restaurants there are.

Favourite Food

Undecided! Too many meals I’ve not had the pleasure of trying yet!

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