Leanne Martin

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Leanne Martin

Mortgage Adviser

Personal Information: I live with my partner and our two daughters, not forgetting our two-house guinea pigs Peanut and Albert! I have worked within the financial service sector since I left college at the age of 17. My original plan was to secure a job whilst I trained to be a midwife. 

Something not everyone knows about me:
I have a phobia of dots/holes. It’s called Trypophobia… I haven’t made it up honest!

If I won the Euro millions lottery I would:

Move somewhere warm! But I would have to take my entire family with me too so it would be an expensive relocation.

First Full time job: Office Junior – Financial Services – mostly photocopying, filing and franking the post, when everything was very much paper based.

I love my job because: It comes with a lot of job satisfaction. It is always a great feeling when you can help a customer get a mortgage who may never have thought it was possible. I also work alongside a great team who are always happy to work together to resolve a particularly complex mortgage.


Mashed potato, guinea pigs, long walks, beer gardens, movie nights, dancing.


Noisy eaters, rudeness, bad hygiene.

Favourite Destination

Spain – it’s a nice short flight.

Favourite Food

Roast Dinner (but wish mashed potato).

My ultimate 4 dinner party guests would be

Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, David Bowie & Freddie Mercury.