Shane Frank

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Shane Frank

Mortgage and Protection Adviser

Personal Information: I have a son, enjoy CrossFit & working out.  

Something not everyone knows about me: I grew up the states and I have a black belt in Karate.

If I won the Euro millions lottery I would: Pay off my mortgage, work part-time, invest the rest of it. Go travelling for a bit. I wouldn’t squander it, probably won’t even move house or change my car.

First Full time job: Silver Service at Hilton Hotel.

I love my job because: I really enjoy helping my clients achieve their dreams of ownership, I think its something that everyone should strive for, I also get a lot of satisfaction from making sure my clients are fully protected against life hazards. 


Running, lifting weights, pushing myself to my limits in a workout. Spending time with my family.


People who don’t use common courtesy. A simple “Hello, how are you?” goes along way, we’re all human and we all need to realise we’re all just as important as each other and probably want the same thing in life.

Favourite Destination

Italy, I’ve been there four times, I love it. The wine and food are just special.

Favourite Food

Pizza (no pineapple).

My ultimate 4 dinner party guests would be

Kurt Cobain, John F Kennedy, James Dean, Nobunaga Oda.
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