Cabin Crew

Mortgage applications for cabin crew and ground staff can be difficult, due to your variable working patterns. Speak to one of our specialist brokers that recognises your challenge when applying for a mortgage

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Here at The Mortgage Broker we specialise in mortgages for Cabin Crew, as we understand the challenges you face when attempting to apply for a mortgage.

Common hurdles that need to be overcome include the different pay structures that you may have, whether this be long or short haul, Cabin Crew, Purser or CSD. The fact that you may be posted overseas, may have an old or new contract and have a range of allowances that you receive. Rest assured we know which lenders will and won’t accept your application.

We also appreciate that your working week is very different from ours and we will always look to contact you at a time that is convenient. All you need to do is tell us your whereabouts and we will make sure we fit in with your timetable, making the mortgage process as simple as possible for you.

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