Home Envirosearch

Home Envirosearch is a report giving information on the history of a named neighbourhood in the UK. It covers such aspects as flood damage, subsidence, and land contamination that may have occurred in the area in the past. You might also see it referred to as an environmental search.

The report covers all historical and potential risks relating to environmental issues. For example, if an area has suffered from flooding in the past, there is a greater chance it could be affected again in future. Similarly, if an area has many reports of subsidence, there is an increased risk that any property in that area may also be affected. Another example would be the presence of mining activity in an area in the past. Even if no mining occurs there today, there could be tunnels underneath a property that could increase the risk of problems in years to come.

The idea is that historical information regarding a specific area can point to likely risks that could occur in the future. Current risk factors are also typically covered by a Home Envirosearch report. For instance, are there any power lines directly over the property for sale? Are there waste management sites within the immediate vicinity? All these factors and other similar ones will be highlighted in the report.

If an issue is raised during the report, it may not necessarily lead to a property sale falling through. However, it does mean the buyer would be aware of all potential risks of purchasing the property if they decide to go ahead with the sale. A lot depends on the severity and frequency of any issues that come up.