Office Copy Entries

Office copy entries are available for properties that have registered titles with the Land Registry. If someone is selling their property and finds a buyer, their solicitor must apply to get the relevant office copy entries from the Land Registry. This must be done prior to the preparation of a draft contract for the property.

The entries confirm who owns the property and are therefore important when the vendor comes to sell it. The documents confirm that the present owner does legally own the property and therefore has the right to sell it to someone else if they wish to move.

The proper title for the document is the Official Copy of Register of Title. While many people today still refer to a property’s title deeds, the office copy entries are the modern version of those. While the title deeds were once physical documents, the office copy entries are digital copies. It is quite rare for the Land Registry to have physical copies of the appropriate entries nowadays.

Office copy entries must be official in order to be recognised as valid documents. While they consist of several pages and sections, they must show the heading Official Copy of the Register of Entries at the top of page one. If they do not have this or have anything else written there (even if similar), they won’t be valid as evidence that you own the property being sold. Your solicitor will be aware of this and will confirm they have a valid copy before proceeding.