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If asking is it possible to remortgage early, then yes.

However, to understand whether this is the right move for you it is very important to understand your mortgage and ensure that you are doing the right thing for your circumstances. By speaking with a mortgage adviser, you can quickly understand whether you are liable for any penalties by remortgaging early, and even if there are, asses whether a remortgage is still the right move for you.

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Remortgaging is when you switch to a new deal or you change your mortgage that you currently have on your property. This can be done as early as 6 or sometimes, 7 months before your current rate comes to an end. Equally, it can be done at any stage even with penalties, in circumstances when the financial options warrant it.

Understand Your current mortgage and any penalties that may be due should you wish to remortgage early Access Search and compare remortgage options and assess whether switching is a financial sensible decision

What does an early remortgage mean?

Remortgaging early means you switch to another mortgage deal with a new lender before your current mortgage term comes to an end. A mortgage advisor is best placed to advise you on whether you should start a new mortgage rate straight away.

Why would you remortgage early?

There are many benefits to remortgaging early, including:

  • Lock in a better rate if there is one available and monitor the market for even better deals, knowing that you have one secured already.
  • Change the term on your current mortgage length or monthly payments on your current mortgage to free up more disposable cash.

Why speak to a mortgage advisor about an early remortgage?

As an independent Mortgage Advisor, it is possible to search over 12000+ mortgage products and many lenders. Going direct with your provider will limit your early remortgage options to those that are only available with your current provider.

A mortgage advisor can search the remortgage products directly for your needs and financial circumstances, meaning you can be confident that you can find the best rate available for your early remortgage.

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What happens if there is an early repayment charge?

The Mortgage Adviser will secure you the best rate and if there is an early repayment charge, will advise you on whether this is the right thing to do, even though there is an early repayment penalty. This could be because the cost of the early repayment charge, is outweighed by the cost benefit of the new remortgage deal.

How long does the early remortgage process take?

The more time to shop around, the better. However, a remortgage can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks so it is always better to speak to a mortgage adviser as soon as you can.

What’s the difference between a remortgage and a mortgage switch?

Switching your mortgage is just another term for a remortgage. A mortgage switch is simply more officially known as a remortgage, where you can switch between different lenders. If you are switching mortgage, but staying with the same lender, then this is more commonly known as a Product Transfer.