10-Year Mortgage Rates Launched in New UK Mortgage Price War

Now we are into 2015 many homeowners will be nervously considering how much longer their mortgage payments will stay as they are. Many experts were warning that the superbly-low interest rates that have been in force for some time were approaching the end of this honeymoon period. As a consequence it was mooted that interest rates could begin to rise (albeit slowly) anytime from the end of 2014 onwards. It is now strongly suspected that 2015 will be the year when rates do finally start to rise. It has no doubt come as good news then to learn that a whole raft of 10-year fixed mortgage deals are now on the market. The latest Moneyfacts research, created on 7th January 2015, has revealed the vast increase in 10-year deals now on the market. Just two years ago in January 2013 there were just 15 products in this area. Last year this had virtually halved to just eight. However by the time October 2014 rolled around there were no fewer than 22 10-year fixed rate mortgages on the market. A huge three-month leap Even more impressive is the vast change that has occurred in this portion of the market since last October. On the date the information was compiled there were no fewer than 77 products of this type on the market. Clearly many homeowners will be keen to find the best deal in this area of the UK mortgage market. Weve seen plenty of research in recent weeks that has pointed to the very real possibility some mortgage holders will struggle with repayments when interest rates rise. This could be one of the main reasons why people want to lock into a long-lasting competitive rate now. It is certainly getting closer to the point where rates will start to creep up. Even though these increases will happen gradually and will only be fairly small in nature, they are still prompting people to get a deal now that they will be happy with. Seeking financial security A mortgage is likely the biggest payment any of us will ever have to make on a regular basis in our lives. It stands to reason that mortgage providers such as Barclays, TSB and Woolwich are all creating 10-year fixed rate deals to help people get the security they want. It wont be suitable for everyone and it is advisable that everyone should compare the small print between deals before making their choice. However the explosion of longer-term deals available on the market over the last few weeks is clear to see. It could well lead to many more people locking in good deals in the near future. One final piece of good news is that lenders are falling over each other to attract people to their particular offering. As a homeowner many people looking to switch mortgages are in a great position to cut their monthly payments, or at least to get a deal that ensures they know where they stand for years to come.

Published on 7 June 2020

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