How to spend over £90m of a lottery win on some prime properties around the world

Ah, Mallorca!

For many, the largest island in the Balearics is a sought-after destination to visit each year. Situated off the east coast of mainland Spain, Mallorca plays host to millions of tourists each year. Many will book into hotels and apartments, but can you imagine arriving at your own luxurious Mallorcan villa, complete with pool and superb views? For many, this would be nothing more than a dream.

However, if you won the EuroMillions jackpot, you could certainly afford to sink some of that cash into a luxury villa on the island. Prices vary, but a quick glance through some current listings revealed villas are on sale from around £500,000 to £8.4 million.

So, it would depend on what you wanted and how much you’d won. One attractive area to consider is Port d’Andratx, located in the south-western part of the island and offering a charming fishing village location with stunning views. Just imagine calling this £8.4m four-bedroom villa your second home.

The cuisine on Mallorca is worth diving into as well. Almonds and olives regularly pop up in dishes on menus in the hundreds of restaurants on the island. Watch out for tumbet, a twist on the classic ratatouille from France, and suckling pig. As for things to do while you’re there, swimming, sunbathing, and shopping all factor in as popular options. And it would be wrong of us not to suggest eating as perhaps the best pastime of all.

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful parts of Italy. Situated in the central portion of the country, it benefits from mountainous sections providing a counterpoint to some beautiful coastline and beaches. It also counts Florence as its capital, giving all those who visit an enviable selection of options to consider when planning their time in the area. But while many visit Tuscany on holiday each year, those fortunate enough to scoop a life-changing jackpot might decide to buy their own property there. IF money is no object, you might decide to venture into the hills that separate Florence and Siena.

These already play host to many famous people, but a EuroMillions winner might well afford to join them. Could you imagine living on this luxurious plot, where the price is marked as POA always a sign of a hefty price tag for such a location?

Measuring an impressive 2,560 square metres for the property alone, you wouldn’t be bothered by neighbours on this luxurious 650,000 square metre parcel of land. Offers over £15 million? Tuscan food is enough to make your mouth water too, if you could drag yourself away from your villa to go shopping, that is.

Tuscan bread is a delightful way to begin any meal in a restaurant, complete with garlic and olive oil to provide the most amazing flavour. Bread features in many Tuscan dishes, including the famous papa al pomodoro, which is essentially tomato soup with bread included. Exploring the diverse landscapes in Tuscany is surely a delight. You can do everything from going on hikes into the mountains to simply relaxing on one of the many fine beaches the area can offer.

Of course, with Florence as the capital, it is easy enough to dive into the world of art too. Â Paris is the capital of France and one of the most popular destinations in the whole country. Those with a passion for city life will find Paris filled with promise. Staying there may be pricey if you are watching the pennies, but if you won the EuroMillions jackpot you would certainly have the cash to put down on a luxurious Parisian apartment to stay in whenever you were in the city.

Located inland towards the northern regions of France, Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements. The sixth arrondissement is by far the priciest place to live in the city. It is known as St Germain, and an apartment there could set you back several million pounds. This example of a fine apartment for sale in St Germain des Pres in an 18th century mansion, and would set you back a cool £7.5 million pounds.

Paris is known for its haute cuisine, and there are many luxurious restaurants where you could part with some more of your big prize if you did win the jackpot. The traditional fresh baguette, the selection of French cheeses, the waist-busting Paris pastries… all these and more will challenge your ability to stay the same weight as when you arrived.

Buttery pastries and brioche could happily be eaten along with fresh coffee all day long. The best leisure activities to try in the city include browsing the many art galleries and museums at its heart. Simply wandering around the streets and seeing what you can find is a popular way to while away an afternoon too… and a good way to burn off some of those Parisian calories.

If you scooped a huge EuroMillions jackpot, chances are you would have the world at your feet. For some, the ability to live anywhere or buy a summer property somewhere abroad would make them think of Lake Como, a beautiful part of Italy packed with stunning properties gazing out over the lake and surrounding area.

Lake Como sits close to the border with Switzerland and is shaped in a three-pronged format. The northern stretch reaches Gera Lario, while the south-eastern prong reaches Lecco and the south-western segment reaches Como. It has long been a popular destination for the rich and famous and continues to be so today. We suspect winning a EuroMillions jackpot would qualify you to join that envied group, as you’d then have the cash to purchase your own property in the area. Some towns and locations are pricier than others, with Menaggio, Bellagio, and Varenna topping the list.

If you are looking to splash out a lot of cash, this waterfront residence complete with its own private mooring might tick a lot of boxes. It would only set you back a cool £23 million. Any change you’ve got left from your lottery prize could happily be spent sampling some local cuisine. This could range from a classic tomato salad (known as insalata caprese) to a tasty piece of braised wild boar.

You could finish with fragole con gelato, a simple dish based on strawberries topped with gelato. Hard to say no to seconds with that one. With a lake as the centrepiece of this part of Italy, you would not be surprised to find a selection of water sports on offer wherever you were around its perimeter. The mountainous territory in place around the lake also provides copious hiking opportunities, not to mention the chance to explore hidden villages wherever you go. San Diego is in California, to the south of Los Angeles and sitting in the far south-western corner of the USA. Close to the border with Mexico, this vibrant city faces the Pacific Ocean and therefore has the advantage of some long beaches as a counterpoint to the cityscape and skyline.

Winning that jackpot would give you the chance to purchase property in pricey areas such as La Jolla or Del Mar. Five top-selling properties in 2018 all sat within these areas, many offering great ocean views. The most expensive one of all was in La Jolla, selling for a cool $24 million. None of the other big sellers would have left you with change from $16 million, with some requiring more than that to seal the deal. As for apartments, expect to spend a million dollars or more on charming condos or apartments like these. Its proximity to Mexico means that a lot of Mexican cuisine has strayed over the border. This has made dishes such as fish tacos and enchiladas popular. Other dishes represent a mix of Californian and Mexican cuisine, producing quirky and tasty options including California burritos. And you can’t beat a good wood-fired pizza. As for pastimes, San Diego is as varied as you like for things to do.

You could explore the coastline and its beaches, such as Coronado Beach, or head into the city to discover the casinos, the parks, and the museums. One top pick would be Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. A mouthful it might be, but you can count on visiting a haunted house, browsing over 100 shops, and learning about its colonial past too. Thailand is situated in the heart of a peninsula in southeast Asia. With Bangkok as its capital, it is home to around 68 million people. Many others from all over the world visit Thailand on holiday each year.

While most will book into a hotel to do so, a fortunate winner of a EuroMillions jackpot could afford to invest in a holiday home in this stunning country. Bangkok itself is one of the most expensive places to live in the country. Phuket is also likely to be close to the top of that list. That said, there are diverse price points available in many areas. Koh Samui is very popular, yet we found a four-bed apartment there for £242,000 and a four-bed villa for £486,000. More luxurious still is this four-bed villa in Koh Samui, boasting its own infinity pool and enviable location close to all amenities in Chaweng. You’d need to part with around £3.6 million to own that. Thai cuisine is filled with spicy salads and curries, with popular dishes including pad Thai, green curry, and Thai fried rice.

These have managed to go beyond Thailand and are eaten around the world as popular choices for fans of Thai food. There are lots of things to do in Thailand while on holiday there, although the exact pastimes you choose will depend on where you are. Surprisingly, reading is said to be one of the most popular pastimes in the country. However, visitors will want to take in such delights as the charming Phi Phi Islands, the majesty of the Grand Palace, and the beach resorts in Pa Tong. There is something for everyone to appreciate in this country.

The winters can be harsh, and if you love warmer climes, Cape Town could be the ideal choice for a second property location. Situated in the far south-eastern corner of South Africa, Cape Town is often referred to as the Mother City of the country. Known as the location of the famous Table Mountain, Cape Town enjoys its summer months from December through to April. Perfect if you are escaping a chilly winter in Europe. Some parts of the city are pricier to live in than others. If you are looking for an expensive property in a pricey suburb, consider Bishopscourt as a possibility. The average value for properties there is said to be around 17.1 million South African rand.

That equates to around £869,500 at the time of writing, so your lottery win could go a long way. Of course, that is an average, we spotted a five-bed detached property for sale in Bishopscourt that was up for a cool £2 million. Those averages can certainly skew the overall image. You can look forward to sampling some classic Cape Town cuisine while in the area too. Perhaps surprisingly, Brits can get a taste of home with the classic fish and chips, a popular option in the city thanks to it being right by the ocean. You could also get a taste of true South African game meat if you head to the right restaurant; some have unusual meat on the menu for you to try. You’ll soon notice the diverse mix of dishes on offer in the city, where the famous Gatsby deli sandwich filled with hot chips is a big favourite. And if you are heading out on a hike or in need of a quick snack, don’t miss some biltong  dried meat that is popular with residents and visitors alike. Hiking up Table Mountain should be a must-do activity, as it gives you a new look over the city itself.

Robben Island gives insight into the controversial history of the country, as this was where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years of his life. Alternatively, explore the beaches in the city, there are four superb ones in Clifton alone. Quite the place to visit when you want to kick back and relax. New York is arguably the most famous city on the eastern side of the USA. Home to the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and allegedly more billionaires than any other world city, New York has much to commend it. It is also known for its expensive property prices, in fact, you’d need to win one of the bigger EuroMillions jackpots to have a chance of buying one of the most expensive penthouses in the city. A penthouse is certainly at the most expensive end of the wedge. Fancy living in Woolworth Tower? This gothic building has apartments valued at a whopping $110 million. Madison Avenue is another on the list of the most expensive, with one penthouse available there for a much more affordable $98 million. You can spend a little less than that though, with apartments available in Chelsea, Prospect Heights, and East Harlem for prices ranging from $1.25 to $3 million.

Chump change for a lottery winner, yes? If you are looking for a bite or two to eat while searching for your New York luxury apartment, you’ve certainly got lots of delights to choose from. Maybe some pastrami on rye would do, or a pretzel or two while walking along exploring the city streets. Pizzas, bagels, and a slice of New York-style cheesecake, anyone? If there is one thing you can say about New Yorkers, it’s that they know how to load up on great food. Eating isn’t the only great thing you can do in New York either, although it is surely near the top of the list. Central Park is a great place to get some greenery in the heart of the city, along with a visit to the zoo. You can burn off some of those bagels with a wander from one major shop to the next too. Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany & Co, and Macy’s are three great places to head for (no doubt they will help empty your wallet too).

No visit to New York would be complete without seeing the Statue of Liberty up close. We would suggest a budget of £15m to own a penthouse that befits a lottery winner. If you are eager to head for a charming area surrounded by water, you could do no better than to visit Portofino. This great fishing village is picture postcard perfect, one of the finest and most famous areas in Genoa on the Italian Riviera.

Why is it so famous? Its charm is hard to deny, but the colourful buildings facing the water where the fishing boats bob around are familiar even to those who have never visited the area for themselves. Finding the most expensive area in Portofino is a misnomer. Portofino itself is a smallish area and is desirable too among the rich and famous. With stunning views, plenty of greenery, and bright clear waters lapping at the houses on the front, Portofino delivers lots of expensive properties to buy for those with the cash.

One detached six-bed house is currently up for £16.8 million affordable surely for those who got lucky with their EuroMillions numbers. Other properties are available with price on application, a sure sign it’s going to be expensive. It comes as no surprise to find that seafood dishes tend to be popular throughout the restaurants and cafes of Portofino. Ristorante Puny is a great one to try, not least if you want to spot a famous person or two while you eat. Pasta, pesto, and antipasti feature on many a menu in the area. If you have been out exploring all day and you’re in need of something more substantial, don’t miss the opportunity to sample a home-cooked pizza. Simply drinking in the sights and sounds around you is a great way to spend time in Portofino. Its oft-photographed properties are enticing and vibrant, while sitting at a café and watching the world go by has much to recommend it too. Castel Brown overlooks the village and saved it from destruction in the mid-1400s. Take time to wander through the alleys and passageways too you never know what you might find there. (Usually there is the opportunity to spot a pricey shop or two selling designer goods. Yet more ways to spend that jackpot.)

Budget for a mere £2.5m spend for a small apartment with a glorious view. If so, get ready to spend a good portion of it. Mayfair is not only one of the most expensive areas of London, it is one of the priciest in the world. It may be hard to believe today, but the area went through a period of being very much the opposite to what it is today downtrodden and undesirable. Today, it encompasses famous locations such as The Ritz, Fortnum & Mason, and Grosvenor Square.

If you want to buy a flat in Mayfair, you could do so for a cool £3.5 million if you had the cash to splash on this smart two-bed apartment. However, some flats are far more expensive, such as the five-bed flat for sale on Brook Street at present, going for a guide price of a mere £25 million. Clearly, there is some distance between the most affordable and most expensive flats in Mayfair.

There are plenty of fine restaurants in the area, including le Gavroche, The Square, and 34. Food ranges from the familiar to the exotic, with everything from fine steaks to oysters on offer. As a counterpoint to this, you can also enjoy stopping off in a coffee shop for a fresh brew and perhaps a pastry or cake to top it off. If you have some spending money to get through, there are lots of familiar names dotted around the area Gucci, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Fortnum & Mason among them.

For something a little different, the Handel & Hendrix in London attraction makes the most of the fact that composer Handel and musician Jimi Hendrix lived in neighbouring residences, separated by 200 or so years. Both are now presented to the public as Handel & Hendrix, providing quite the captivating history lesson for music buffs.

We hope you have enjoyed our indulgent view on what a lottery win could buy you. However if the jackpot lottery win is still eluding you and you wish to discuss buying something a little smaller and more affordable than please do contact us as we would love to assist you with your mortgage requirements.

Published on 19 July 2020

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