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The Mortgage Broker supports the police force in finding the best police mortgage options available in the market.

Who offers the best options for sourcing police mortgages?

Obtaining a mortgage as a member of the police force is no different to any other person looking to get a mortgage – The main differences being your available time to speak to a mortgage broker as you may not work the standard office hours, plus in a lot of circumstances the makeup of your pay may be slightly different with additional income such as overtime and allowances.

When deciding who to use to assist you with your mortgage it would make sense to deal with a reputable company that has the experience and the flexibility needed to speak and discuss mortgages with you at a time that suits you, so look for someone who is available to assist after hours and on the weekends.

Like everyone, you will have the same choices to make in who you deal with, whether or not you use a broker or apply to a bank or building society directly potentially saving you a few pounds in additional fees such as a broker fee.

Police mortgage rates – Are they better from a bank or broker?

Good question and tough choice. The answer to this boils down to many factors including how much spare time you have, whether the small saving made in dealing with a bank directly is worth the hassle and the additional time it takes and lastly your confidence in securing the right deal for you.

How much spare time do you have?

Dealing with a bank directly could involve up to two hours of your working day, in some instances this would be the first meeting and then there is a follow up meeting of potentially the same time to complete an application. This is of course if you get accepted by the bank you have approached first time otherwise you would have to repeat this process with another bank or building society. Dealing with a broker is so much quicker, you can do this in the comfort of your own home or whilst at the office. Instead of a 2-hour meeting, 15 – 20 minutes should suffice and will give a reputable and experienced mortgage broker enough information to provide you with quotes, options and advice.

Is the saving of a broker fee worth it?

Again, a personal choice and this answer depends on your view, your income and your available time and desire to arrange a mortgage directly. The average fee for arranging a police force mortgage would depend on the broker chosen. A reasonable fee range would be between £295 and £695 depending on the size and complexity of the mortgage. In return, you would / should get quotes from a large selection of lenders and a choice of thousands of mortgage deals. If you can find a broker that doesn’t charge any upfront fees, then you have nothing to lose at exploring the options available to you.


I work shifts and therefore it’s not always easy to discuss.

Most brokers would appreciate and understand the shifts that you work and would make sure they are available to discuss a mortgage with you at a time that suits. Your initial mortgage discussion, your follow up questions and ongoing communication can also be done via e mail if this is found to be easier and fits your lifestyle and working hours.

Points to consider when deciding on who to deal with:
  • Are they a trusted and reputable broker / company?
  • Have you read the Police mortgage reviews and social media consumer ratings such as Google?
  • Is the broker regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)?
  • Are there any upfront and non-refundable fees?
  • Do you have the time to deal directly with a bank or do you need more flexibility?

What makes us different?

We appreciate there are many companies that you can choose to place your business with, however the testimonials that we receive sets us apart from the rest of the competition and should give you the peace of mind that you are looking for. With thousands of customer reviews and having the highest Trust Pilot rating in the UK for mortgage advice and service we trust this provides you with some reassurance that you have come to the right place.

We appreciate your working hours and we make sure we are on hand to deal with your enquiry at times that suit you. Our quotes are transparent, and our mortgage application process is easy with no need for you to take time out of your busy schedule to arrange your mortgage – We will do everything for you. We are also available up until 10.00 pm and on the weekends until 5.00 pm if this suits your circumstances.

Customer service runs through the core of our company. We understand that we work on your behalf, not the banks. We have no ties to any bank or building society that would result in our impartiality being compromised. We work for you alone. Our mission is to provide you with the best mortgage deal in a timely manner based on your personal situation.

What to do next:

If you would like to discuss your mortgage requirements from a selection of over 12,000 mortgage deals from over 90 lenders contact us now. You will benefit from:

  • Free, no obligation mortgage advice, at a time that suits you
  • A selection of quotes based on your personal scenario
  • Total transparency, quotes will show all the costs you would incur
  • Peace of mind in the knowledge you are dealing with a trusted broker
  • Fantastic service from a multi award winning company
  • Huge time saving – Dealing with a dedicated experienced adviser
  • Greater choice with access to lenders not available to you directly
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