Nick Hancock’s Mortgage Broker Years – Not a Shining Success

When you go to see a mortgage broker, you probably don’t want them to be a comedian rather than a level-headed financial expert but that’s what some potential mortgage customers faced when former They Think It’s All Over host Nick Hancock took a break from the BBC to enter the world of home loans. In a recent interview, Hancock admitted that after taking a sabbatical from show business partly due to the fact that there wasn’t a lot of work flying about and getting a job at a friend’s mortgage broker company in 2005, where he found out that he wasn’t really cut out for it. “It was good to try something different but I just don’t think I was very good at it”, he admitted. I don’t pay enough attention to detail or have enough of an attention span, to tell you the truth.” He managed but two years in the mortgage broker game, before deciding to make a return to showbiz, presenting a series of game shows first Win My Wage, then Duel, followed by a daytime show Taste The Nation. Hancock is now hosting new BBC2 show Breakaway, in various contestants work together to complete challenges until one of them makes the decision to go it alone and turns on the others. Speaking of the new format, he said: “When you’re at home you enjoy seeing people fail, that’s part of the joy of watching quiz shows, but when you’re hosting it, you don’t. It’s terribly sad to see people fail.”

Published on 22 July 2020

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