Why You Should Buy a House in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is a massive area comprising much of Northern England. Divided into four regions known locally as Ridings; the county is split into North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire. The county has much to offer! Nicknamed Gods own county, Yorkshire is renowned for its stunning scenery and lush unspoilt countryside. National Parks such as the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors attract hordes of visitors each year; while the county holds its own against theme parks with Flamingoland and Lightwater Valley. The traditional emblem of Yorkshire is a white rose on a blue background, indicative of the royal House of York. Yorkshire Day is an event held on the 1st August every year, celebrating the best of what Yorkshire has to offer, from its culture to its history; even the typical Yorkshire accent. Yorkshire seems to provide the best of both worlds. The Yorkshire way of life is more relaxed, especially in the village locations away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Metropolitan locations such as York, Sheffield and Leeds compare extremely well with cities elsewhere in the UK, offering a wide variety of entertainment and cultural enticements with fast food outlets and restaurants offering a feast of options boasting cuisine from across the globe. Housing in Yorkshire differs from area to area and village to village. Cities offer new townhouses as well as apartment blocks, while villages offer a range of housing from period cottages to renovated stable blocks and traditional housing too. However, no matter where you look in Yorkshire, you will always find pleasant countryside nearby, with friendly local residents who are willing to help you settle into your new home. House prices have fallen nationally, but if youre fortunate enough to be able to afford a detached house in the Yorkshire area, the prices of these have remained pretty constant over the past five or six years, bucking the national trend. In fact, in affluent areas, like Leeds, the price of a detached house has risen by 14%, whereas Goole reflects little change over the same time frame. Sheffield, however, has seen a staggering increase in the cost of detached housing, rising more than 25%. Although semi-detached and terraced housing in all areas shows a downward spiral, detached is definitely seen as a luxury item up north; and people are willing to pay for it! Yorkshire has two local airports, Leeds Bradford International Airport and Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Both airports conduct internal flights serving other cities in the UK as well as budget international flights to various parts of Europe and beyond. Leeds boasts the busiest train station outside of the nations capital, with 17 platforms and it servicing 50,000 passengers every day. Salaries in Leeds are well above the national average and competition is exceptionally high. If you bring with you a high level of expertise and experience, you wont be unemployed for long though. Dont hesitate tocontactone of our dedicated consultants today, were here to help whatever your circumstances. Fill in ouronline mortgage enquiry formtoday and we will be in contact with you.

Published on 27 January 2020

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